May 24, 2017
Protect Brand China

How to Protect Your Brand in China?

There is no country better at playing copycat than China. From the world’s best products to the world’s worst products, you can be sure that China […]
May 23, 2017
Trademark Dispute Colour Purple

Trademark Dispute on the Colour Purple: Cadbury vs Nestlé

A question that is interesting to ask among trademark experts is – “Can you trademark a colour?” A colour is part of the public domain and […]
May 5, 2017
Trademark Colour

Can You Trademark A Colour?

Many Canadians are aware that they can protect their brand names and logos. Many are unaware that a trademark for a brand colour can also be […]
May 4, 2017
Income Form Your IP

How Do You Generate Income For Your IP?

If you have an appropriate IP strategy in place then you can earn from your IP through licensing, franchising and selling your IP. More and more Canadian companies […]