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Intellectual property (IP) refers to a creation of the intellect or of the mind.

Leading Patent & Trademark lawyers in Alberta. It can be an invention, artistic work, symbol, image or name that is used in conducting commercial activity. By claiming intellectual property rights, you protect your creation and prevent any entity from using it without your permission. This is crucial for your business to reap the profits of your efforts.

At TrademarksPatentsLawyer.com we specialize in the services of protecting a person’s or a business’s intellectual property rights. We ensure that you pick the correct intellectual property right, which ranges from patents to trademarks. Once the intellectual property right is selected, we begin the process of registering it with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. TrademarksPatentsLawyer.com is with you from the start to the end of the process to ensure that your patent or trademarks is registered and your business is protected.


We Have Knowledge

Our legal experts are well-versed in the Canadian Intellectual Property Law and are aware of any new policy updates from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

One Step Ahead

We understand the processes of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and this allows us to one step ahead. This is your IP application’s best chance to get accepted and be registered.

Excellent Communication

We keep you abreast of all developments on the progress of your intellectual property. Our communication is not hampered by legal jargon because we always explain legal terminology.

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We are a professional legal firm that protects your business’s interests.The Proper Intellectual Property (IP) Rights are critical for your business.

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