September 2, 2017
losing the chance of registration

When Is The Perfect Time To Trademark Your Name

A common question asked by start up companies is: when the best time to file for a trademark? For businesses still In the infancy stage, trademark registration may […]
August 25, 2017
need a patent

Questions To Assess Whether You Need A Patent

You had an amazing idea and you turned it into a reality. Now, you are ready to step out and introduce your invention commercially. But, shouldn’t […]
August 24, 2017
trademark business

Who Owns Your Business Name And Should You Trademark It

A trade name or business name can simply be described as a name under which a company operates. Typically, these are simple brand names by which […]
August 24, 2017
Google a generic

Is Google A Generic Name?

What do you think when you hear the name – Google? A search engine and the popular trademarked brand, right? Today, the name Google is also […]